Internet navigation refers to the process of navigating a network of information resources in the World Wide Web which if organized as hypermedia or hyperlinks. Central to internet navigation is the development of a navigation interface that maximizes usability and ease of finding information in a plethora of hypermedia and hyperlinks.

A website navigation is analogous to a road map, which enables webpage visitors to explore and discover different areas and information contained within the website. Sometimes navigation design makes it cumbersome to find specific information depending on the device from which search occurs. With the advent of mobile devices in the last decade, information discovery needs to be addressed and looked at closely to ensure that visitors can still discover information with ease.

The navigation design in most modern vehicles are circular with options to find addresses, play music, make phone calls, etc. Circular navigation through a nob which drivers can circle through while not losing attention on the road while driving is central to ensure information can be retrieved in a fast and easy process. Imagine a web navigation interface similar to the circular navigation in modern vehicles used for information discovery and retrieval. In the case of an ecommerce website, navigation is often hierarchical with pages and pages of products and a search bar, which is used to enter phrases to search for. Often visitors have their own categorization in mind to look for in a plethora of products and most websites often categorize and sub-categorize through hyperlinks, which are used in combination with the search bar.

Instead of a hierarchical navigation that forces visitors to follow a map-route on websites, a circular navigation can be immensely useful and more personalized for the visitor to use a nob for cycling through products and turning on/off product features to ensure information can be retrieved faster and easier and more importantly resembling interfaces which they have used before as in the circular navigation in their vehicles.

Join us on the 27-28 of July to participate with fellow designers, developers and product owners to create circular navigation interfaces for the vast cyberspace to envision how navigation will look in the present and future!

Navigation of web sites are radically being re-done and re-aligned with visitors input, be a part of history in making this happen and a peek into the future of navigation!

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Praveen Aravamudham

Praveen Aravamudham

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